Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August doldrums

Here it is August already, and even though I'm coming back from a month's hiatus, it doesn't seem nearly long enough.

Here's the thing: my husband is truck driving, which is his first job in seven months, and he has been driving since June. What with the long unemployment stint, we have been grateful for the job. But, he is gone all the time, although home 3 out of 4 "weekends" which this past one was only about 24 hours home. Doesn't seem hardly enough.

We have both been praying for something else to come up, and so it has: a job beginning October 4 at a local hospital as an engineering tech. We are SO thankful!

But I seem to be dragging these days, and my writing life has certainly suffered. I've been moping around, missing my husband, trying to figure out new markets and strategies for my book, and reading a lot. When all else fails, read!

So who has some tried-and-true strategies for pulling yourself out of the doldrums and getting back into the swing of things? Write and let me know!


Margaret Fieland said...

Well, nothing works all the time .. but when I'm stuck on the poetry writing, reading poetry helps tremendously. What also helps me, because I seem to be a very word-minded person, is just picking some words and playing with them. Right now, for example,

are running through my head:

Explanation, Innundation, /
words are running through my head/
Wish that I were on vacation/
if I were, I'd be in bed/
Staring out my open window/
and enjoying that fresh air/
while instead I'm in my office/
with my butt stuck to this chair/

{Shakes head}
Gotta go write this one down and play with it some more..


Alice said...

How about joining a Free online conference? Here:

Kathy from middle musers suggested it. So I went there and joined. So come on, it's free.

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Oddly enough, I usually leave the doldrums behind when I get totally bored with them.

Sometimes, that means finding a page-turning book. Or, I see something on line about one of my interest areas and that turns into a post on one of my blogs.

Congratulations on the new job. Hope the fall looks better than the summer has.


Miss Mae said...

Oh dear, not me, Katie! The oppressive heat this summer has been an absolute drain on my muse. Like you, I'm wondering where the markets are too, and trying to work up the energy to "get out there".

So glad your hubby found work closer to home. Mine hasn't worked in 2 years. There's nothing out there!

Beth Reinke said...

Watching a funny movie might help, Katie. Congrats to your hubby on the new job - what a blessing! :o)

jabberingjo said...

sometimes when I'm i n afunk I eat a box of chocolates! lol
also call a friend and talk about everything but writing.

Janie Franz said...

Congrats on your husband finding work closer to home. You'll all be happier then.

I agree with Beth--funny movies help. But they've really got to be the kind of funny you like, otherwise you'll mope more.

I, too, have been dragging, trying to move this plot along about artifact smuggling and relationships in the tank. Jokingly, I said to someone that I needed to visit my characters from another series and last night I did. I actually started a new book--stupid when I'm under deadline with the one I'm having trouble with--but the words just poured out and now I can go back to the archaeological romance thriller with new enthusiasm....It's been like visiting old friends.

Maybe you can play with some of your old characters, too.

Unknown said...

Sometimes I beat the doldrums by helping others. Or at least giving my opinions.
Critiquing often helps me see in other works what I can improve in mine.
Someone above suggested a site. I'd like to suggest www.critiquecircle.com

This is also a free site with all genres of stories. Help critique, give them the benifit of your experience, and it just may give you the lift you need.

Check it out, even if you don't want to join. It's a polite envirionment,and fun too.

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Katie, congrats to your husband on his new job. Why don't you try volunteering somewhere--the library, a kid's camp, pre-school, etc. Get out; get involved; go people watching. Something will spark your muse!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, so happy to hear your husband will be working closer to home starting in October. I think that will help lift your spirits. Everyday life can easily get in the way of writing, as it can everything else we are trying to work on. Reading is a great way to help you get through what you are dealing with. It will pass. In the meantime, enjoy your reading!

Cheryl said...

I'm like Lorrie, I often critique work when I can't seem to write. I usually only suffer this issue during the winter, because the lack of light deeply affects me.

I find if I've written for a long time I need to switch gears and read for a while and vice versa. When I came back from vacation having read 10 books, I really didn't want to think of reading for a few days.

Best of luck!