Monday, January 12, 2009


I thought that perhaps if I waited until later today (Monday), I would have this marvelous news flash zapping my brain: "Local author strikes the big time!" or "Long awaited book from local author now available." or even "Extra, extra, read all about it..."

Alas, none of them are true. You know why? Well, because I simply haven't written anything that noteworthy. Still, I consider it a success to write some every day on one of the books I'm working on, and blog each day. Both of those, by the way, exclude Saturday and Sunday, because, dear hearts, I've got to breathe in there somewhere!

The real reason I waited so long to blog today was because I ended up babysitting my grandson for several hours. Now, HE is worth writing about...but I won't bore you, my loyal following, with the joys of grandparenting.

Tomorrow, I vow, I will begin earlier, write more and progress further in my media kit and other various (nefarious?) marketing and promotion plans. If I could make a toast: Here's to great success this week to my fellow writers!


Joy said...

Katie I hear you. Some days I have a hard time focusing and others, well, I get so much done it scares me. See you tomorrow.
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Helen Ginger said...

Most days I seem to have too much to get done and I have to prioritize. Don't have a grandson, but if I did, he would take top billing.

CoganBooks said...

Sundays are too crazy (for me) to do much writing even a little blog post--and yes a mess of rambunctious grandchildren are part of the picture!

I write every day but Sundays . . . maybe a couple of sentences in my journal. I try not to stress over it.

I agree with Helen, the little critters come first!

lucia said...

My sentiments exactly. The more I try to think of something "important" enough to post on a blog, the less I find to say. I appreciate reading your comments. Right now I'm working on an essay that's due soon. A break from fiction.

Anonymous said...

Babysitting my grandchildren is one of MY favorite passtimes, too, Kaitie!

Angela said...

I have to keep a notebook handy with a To Do list. If it isn't on the list, it doesn't get done. I worked without a list on Sunday and simply went in circles. Stupid mistake, but it really showed me how much I need it.

When it comes to family and friends, though, they always take priority - no matter what is on the list. Don't sweat it if you miss a blog - or blog late - because you are spending time with your grandson. Those moments are too few and far between, and they grow up SO fast.

Enjoy life. Take a day off every now and then. You deserve it - especially as you put together a marketing plan. Trust me when I see you need distance sometimes to keep your sanity. =0)

Angela Wilson

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I know what you mean - I love writing but I love playing/babysitting with my grandson more!

Jane Kennedy Sutton