Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Haunted Vows" paranormal romance author, Lynn Hones

I’m pleased to have paranormal romance author, Lynn Hones, on my blog today. Lynn is the author of “Haunted Vows.” She is a busy wife and mother, who, when laid off from the banking industry left the world of cubicles for the world of creativity and writing. She enjoys putting down on the page the worlds she creates in her head, and hopes others enjoy reading them. And no matter what her kids say, the bank didn't "fire" her!

Welcome, Lynn. Can you share with us a little what “Haunted Vows” is all about?

Lynn: Sure. “Haunted Vows” is an ebook about a New York socialite and a down-on-his-luck farmer who work together to save a 150-year-old antebellum mansion in Virginia. The wrecking ball is waiting to tear down the walls of the house, while the house is trying to tear down the walls built around their own hearts.

Katie: You say this is a paranormal romance. What is the paranormal aspect of this book?

Lynn: The New York socialite, Jaylyn Withers, and the farmer, Eli Jacobs, have strange things happen as they are fixing up the mansion. Mists and voices seem to be attempting to communicate with them. In the end, we find out an astounding secret. A secret that binds these two strangers together forever.

Katie: What led you to write not just a romance, but a paranormal romance?

Lynn: My first book, Those Who Wait, is a paranormal romance and I enjoyed writing it so much, and it received such wonderful reviews, that I wrote another one. I love ghost stories and movies. My favorite being, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

Katie: Would you consider writing more in this genre?

Lynn: Absolutely. The possibilities are endless when dealing with otherworldly manifestations.

Katie: I see your book is targeting younger adults, but also older adults. When you began to write your book, did you “automatically” target this age group?

Lynn: I wrote the book with every age in mind, I guess. The protagonist, Jaylyn, is thirty-five, so she is not too old for the younger generation, and not too young for the older. lol

Katie: Your ebook is published with Devine Destinies. Why did you choose to publish an ebook? Do you plan on writing more ebooks?

Lynn: I heard that ebooks were really taking off. More and more people are purchasing Kindles. Devine Destinies seemed to be a wonderful publisher and they have been proven to be so and much, much more.

Katie: What ebook reader formats did you use with your book? Was that successful for you?

Lynn: My books can be downloaded onto any of the eReaders out now.

Katie: Do you have to do all the marketing yourself? How has that worked for you?

Lynn: Devine Destinies does some marketing, but in the end it is up to the authors to make sure that their books are seen. It’s extremely time-consuming and with a family it’s not always easy to find the time. Plus, my first love is writing, not marketing…but it all works out in the end.

Katie: What has your success been, sales-wise, with your ebooks?

Lynn: Sales could always be better, but I’m not complaining.

Katie: What marketing tips would you give to authors of ebooks?

Lynn: I’m not really sure. I’m the one who needs the tips. lol I guess the best way is to join some Yahoogroups and blog on other authors sites, such as this, and everyday, even if it’s one tiny thing, promo one of your books.

Katie: Thanks, Lynn, for being a guest on my blog today. Learn more about Lynn and her ebooks at,, and


widdershins said...

Great interview ... I loved 'The Ghost and Mrs Muir'

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn,

Light paranormal is fun to read, especially with a romance thread. This sounds like a 'get into it' read.
Thanks for sharing.
And I agree, promoting is the hardest part of being an author who would just rather sit back and write.
Nice post, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting interview, as always. Thanks for sharing about this author and her books.