Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Copywriting Basics from Jan Verhoeff

It’s my pleasure to share Jan Verhoeff’s article on copywriting on my blog today. If you’ve never heard of copywriting, or have wondered about copywriting, Jan’s words will help you learn about this vital writing process. As Jan says, copywriters capture an audience, generate traffic and churn out predictable profits. Now, here’s Jan:

Every copywriter remembers the smoldering embers of their first lack-luster experience at copywriting. They were so proud of it, they had it printed up and engraved in gold plated display brass, but it sold nothing. Dud! Can we say loser?

Then an interesting thing happens, at least it happens to those who eventually land paying jobs with profitable copy that makes their name stand out in the sea of copywriters with the tsunami of losing copy that washes into the empty shores of cyber beaches around the World Wide Net. Those copywriters get up off their derrieres and start doing whatever is required to find the right audience, provide the right content, and drive the right market to buy their copy products and services.

Of course there are a few specifics that are required of the right market, before your copy will do any good at all.

Focus your writing on a specific group of interested individuals who want to know about your topic. You’re not going to focus your gun toting NRA message on the liberal non-hunter vegetarians who live in the inner city.

Keep the interest of your niche groups by writing what they want to read. Try writing articles about vegetarian meals and menus, focused on restaurants who serve meatless meals and topics that interest vegetarians.

Generate a desire to have what you’re writing about within your niche. Create succulent lip smacking recipes to share and show photos and word pictures of your recipes after you’ve eaten enough to completely satiate your appetite for vegetarian foods.

Use action terms to draw in your audience and captivate them with motion. Bringing them into the writing with action terms creates a more powerful position for your product while drawing your reader into the satisfaction of experience.

Make your copy so irresistible that your readers can’t help but share what you write with friends, family and others. They’ll share the website, emails and other content if possible. Give them that option.

Penning persuasive copy for clients who desire to increase their income is easy. You focus on the readers who will be most interested in their product or services and use all the key points above to not only drive traffic to your content and keep them reading, but ultimately --- your copy will bring a commitment to purchase the product.

Copywriters have a few objectives:

Find a niche market specific to the topic you’re writing.

Create compelling copy your buyers can’t resist.

Provide a list of benefits buyers will receive for using your product or services.

Generating profit.

Fulfilling these five specific requirements will allow you to generate enormous fees for your copy. Learning how to create copy that draws great fees means you’ve found ways to halt buyers in their tracks and generate compelling desires within buyers to purchase the products and services you represent. Your copy is better than average and sells more than most other copy – otherwise, you’re charging too much.

Jan Verhoeff offers quality copywriting with informative, content building articles that drive traffic, impact clients and buyers and predictably generates profit for her clients. For more information about copywriting and how Jan creates a profit for her own business using copywriting skills, you may email her at or visit her website at to sign up for her Ezine ADvertiZe.


Donna McDine said...

Terrific! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Cioffi said...

Jan always provides such useful information. Thanks for sharing.

Dallas said...

Thanks for this informative article, Jan! (And thank you Katie for sharing it on your wonderful blog!)

Jan, do you have any advice for how new copywriters can best approach their first clients? I imagine like any writing it is important to build up a portfolio of work. I would guess that sometimes getting the first sales can be the hardest.

:) Dallas

Cheryl said...

Excellent article, Jan. Not that I would expect anything less coming from you.

Best of luck in all you do.


Jan Verhoeff said...


The easiest way to start copywriting is by offering to upgrade websites of friends. Offer to improve their copy and then use those websites as reference points. Often, a friend will allow you to improve their marketing copy and then give you access to marketing results, and profit margins. Once you have a few accolades as to your ability to bring in clients/profit, you can start contacting your own clients.

I use a lot of direct mail for this purpose. If they're reading your marketing copy for your business, and like it, they're more likely to purchase your services for their own business.

Let me know how it works out. You can always email me at


Jan Verhoeff said...

As always ladies, thanks for your compliments!!! I appreciate them.