Friday, February 12, 2010

They Came in the Mail Today!

I wasn't going to write anything writing related today...until I got the mail. There, nestled safely within the post office's regular sized mailing box, were the copies of my book I'd ordered. The very first copies of my very first book! Guardian.


I ordered 20, but have to send 10 out for review copies, send out two more to people who I needed to give them to. I reserved one that I am going to frame, and that leaves me with 7 to take to the SC Book Festival the end of this month.

I've got to brag. The books are beautiful. Very beautiful. Diana Navarro did a slam dunk job with the cover illustration, and I'm sure I'll sell books just because of being drawn to it first by the cover.

So, while it's snowy and cold outside, I'm snuggy inside and happy, hot chocolate type happy, with my new books and me.

"Guardian" can be ordered through, Amazon, or your local book seller.


Bill said...

You've done a wonderful job on this book. It's taken three years of work but the first stage is finished, it's published.
Now to expose the world to your creative prowess.

I'm proud of you,
your husband.

jessi said...

The cover was the first thing that got me!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I got goosebumps just imagining how you feel, Katie. I'm thrilled for you. Celebrate! Do something really special tonight. Pouring some sparkling soda in champagne glasses. If you don't eat out, have dinner on your favourite china. I didn't, and now I wish I had.