Monday, February 8, 2010

My Eyes are Rolling!

Whew, I feel like I'm swimming in paperwork here at the house. I have a new book out, Guardian, that I'm setting up a blog tour for. That requires contacting people, getting dates set, and coming up with new information for each of them, since we don't want people to see the same old interviews again and again. Of course, that means several emails back and forth, keeping track of what was said by each person and finalizing the dates.

Then, I am also setting up folks for me to host on my blog, which also requires several emails back and forth, and getting those dates finalized.

See my eyes rolling here?

The truly organized person would be right on top of all this stuff, and up until now, I counted myself as a truly organized person, but the sheer volume of paper seems to be swallowing me up as much as a sink hole does a house.

Of course, in the middle of all of this, my husband is unemployed, and we've been working with the Cobra people about a special government plan that pays for a certain amount of the fee. Have you ever had to deal with the federal government? Oy!

See my eyes rolling here?

Then, I am dealing with our old health insurance company. We paid for Cobra for the month of December, 2009, but they keep insisting they haven't gotten any payment or information from the insurance company overseeing all this, and we are not covered during that month. Of course, during that month, we have an EMS bill, an ER bill, and a physician's bill, which we can't get paid because the company insists we weren't covered then.

See my eyes rolling here?

What about you? Are you mired in paperwork? Been busy dealing with the bureaucracy? Are your eyes rolling, too? Share you story!


Donna McDine said...

Hi Katie:

Dealing with insurance companies is the pits. They never seem to be able to think outside the box.

I'm drowning under paperwork and a To Do list about a mile long and plan on reorganizing and reprioritizing late tonight or first thing tomorrow. I have so much I want to do I really need to get a priority list in order and check off as I go.

Good luck!


Margaret Fieland said...

Katie, my day job is working as a computer software engineer, and my company was recently bought by IBM. Thus I've had TONS of paperwork related to this .. including documenting my domestic partnership --
we've lived together at least 15 years, plus the company IBM bought (mine) is one where I've been employed, and have enjoyed domestic partner benefits at, for the past seven years.

Oy! Paperwork! You have my deepest, deepest sympathy.


Maryannwrites said...

Katie, if you get a chance stop by my blog today. I have an award for you.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I hope everything gets straightened out with the insurance soon. I know that is no fun to deal with. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...


I'm passing on the Sunshine Award to you. You may pick it up at my tarot blog, Tarot Guidance.

Mayra Calvani said...

I'll be heppy to host you, Katie. Just let me know.