Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blah, blah

I got some new furniture for my office, and while the end goal is to make everything more organized and accessible, it is presently having the opposite effect since one piece has yet to be put together. My new desk has a lot greater area than my old, and I can hardly reach some things, like the telephone, or my calculator.

Still, though, isn't that how our writing is? Sometimes, when we think we've organized to the max, our writing suffers from a lack of focus, and from the picture being "too big." Novels take creating bite sized pieces and hooking them together. If your words are beyond reach, then it is time to sit back, take stock, and figure out which things need to be at your fingertips, and which things can sit in the background for awhile.

The good thing about today? The coffee pot is within reach!

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