Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet Author & Poet Linda Asato

I’m pleased to have Linda Asato on my blog today as part of the vbt book tour. Linda has ghostwritten several books, and published under her name, “Spider in Our Mailbox.”

Q. You have written a book for small children called Spider in Our Mailbox. What other types of writing do you do?

Linda: I have written poetry since I was nine years old and have quite a large collection that perhaps someday I will put into publication.

Q. What kind of poetry do you like best to write?

Linda: Mostly free verse actually although I have written several that rhyme. Limericks are also my favorite because they can be so humorous.

Q. What is it that you like about writing poetry?

Linda: I guess it is the challenge to put a thought or concept into words that flow with a sort of rhythm and paint a picture full of feeling, sound, and sight all combined.

Q. Did it ever cross your mind to use poetry in your children’s picture book?

Linda: Yes, it did actually. But when I sat to write it, the words all came out differently and so I did not force poetry into Spider in Our Mailbox. Perhaps in my next book, I can use poetry.

Q. What inspired you to write poetry?

Linda: My mother read a lot of poetry to my sister and I when we were small and I loved the way it bubbled along in my mother’s voice.

Q: Do you have a sample of your poetry to share with us?

Linda: Sure. Here is limerick that you might get a kick out of, especially since it is close to Halloween.


When a vampire of yore came on in,

He had blood dripping down on his chin.

He said "Please excuse.

I had no tissues

When I drank Betty's blood for dindin."

Or a free verse for autumn:


The last summer butterfly
Wheels crazily through Autumn hours.
The spicy scent of ripened fruit
Hangs gently on the breeze.
And while the winter's heralding winds
Comb the branches of shedding trees,
I am caught in a world of now
And forget the coming of cold still nights
And silenced earth.

Thanks, Linda, for being a guest on my blog!

Website: Linda’s Writing Web

Blog: Linda’s Writing Desk

Publisher: RV Publishing LLC


unwriter said...

I like the poetry, especially the limerick. Sounds like a delightful book.

Nancy Famolari said...

The poetry is great! I admire people who write poetry. I especially like the limerick.

elysabeth said...

This was good. I'm not a big poetry fan but Linda's limerick and poem were very cool. Looking forward to getting to know a fellow author - see you all in the posts - E ;)

Margaret Fieland said...

Linda, cute limericks. I love writing this way. I've actually got a rhymed story that I really should get around to submitting written in limerick style..

Margaret Fieland

Beth Bence Reinke said...

Thanks for sharing this interview Katie and Linda. Love getting to know other authors. Can't wait to read "Spider in Our Mailbox!"

The Old Silly said...

Wonderful feature post. I absolutely ADORE that spider in the mailbox book cover! Who did your graphics?

Marvin D Wilson

Helena Harper said...

Linda, lovely to meet a fellow poet! I enjoyed both the limerick and the Autumn poem. You are obviously a woman of many talents. What inspired your first book and are you working on another one at the moment?


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Your poem was just what I needed to begin this lovely autumn day!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Darcía Helle said...

Great interview! And I agree with Marvin - the cover is perfect!

Darcía Helle

Anonymous said...

Poetry is not my logsuit, so I admire anyone who can so elegently write poems.

Stephen Tremp

Vivian Zabel said...

Linda's book is cute, entertaining, and educational for little ones. It helps them learn the days of the week, a few types of critters, and to count to seven.

Of course I think she is very creative, and she writes music.

Ryan Shaw illustrated it.

Linda Asato said...

Thank you for such a lovely post Katie. I really should write a poetry book with all my writing. I just think that poetry will not sell. But maybe....

Karen Cioffi said...

Cool Vampire limerick! It's wise not to force rhyme into a story if it's not just right.

Great interview!

I love the title of your blog: Walking on Water...


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

What fun poems! Spider in the Mailbox sounds like another book I need to pick up for my grandson.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Nice interview. I like spiders, especially garden spiders. A great idea for a book. Your poems remind me of when I was teaching. Our fifth-graders wrote poetry books and illustrated them. They really enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

I love your poetry, Linda.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Thanks, Katie, for the interesting review and intro to Linda. Sounds like a wonderful book.