Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mediwrite - Using Meditation in Your Writing by Mayra Calvani

Here's an interesting article from author, Mayra Calvani.

Okay, so the word doesn’t exist. I just made it up trying to come up with an interesting title after listening last night to a meditation audio tape specifically for writers.

Even though meditation is so “in” these days, I was surprised to see one aimed specially at us writers.

Lying down with my eyes closed, I listened with both scepticism and an innocent sense of wonder (I’m a sucker for anything that promises creativity and inspiration!)
The music was the typical, soothing “meditation” music which supposedly can slow down and equalize brain waves. Yes, music can modify brain waves. During ordinary consciousness, our brains work on beta waves, vibrating from 14 to 20 hertz. However, during periods of high creativity, meditation and sleep our brains work on delta waves, vibrating from .5 to 3 hertz. The slower the brainwaves, the more happier and serene we feel. Soothing music like some Baroque and New Age can actually shift consciousness by lowering our beta waves to the alpha range, from 8 to 13 hertz, thus creating a sense of lightness and well-being.

Along with the music, the lady speaker had a calm, peaceful, eerily soporific voice (no wonder it says on the tape: Do Not Use While Driving An Automobile) that seemed to “elongate” my sense of space and time.

The tape uses visualization (picture yourself as a successful writer, the ideas flowing easily), affirmations (I am a writer) and the power of intention (I wish to write and will write) to create a feeling of self power, unleash and enhance creativity and induce manifestation. Readers of Deepak Chopra should be familiar with these methods. Combining these are the ideas that we must “listen” and that we’re a “channel” for “something” that wants or needs to get written. Indeed. I must admit it was an interesting—and calming!—ride.

This tape would be especially helpful for aspiring writers who are afraid to take that first step, as well as established writers who suffer from writer’s block or would like to enhance their creativity. For those of you who are interested, the name of the tape is Becoming a Writer: Manifesting Your Writing, by Sanaya and Orin, LuminEssence Productions.

Mayra Calvani is an author and book reviewer. Visit her website at


Donna McDine said...

Katie and Mayra: Great write up. I've been meditating for years, but not solely geared towards writing. I'll have to look into this. Thanks!

Warm regards,
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Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Mediwrite. OK. Great word. I'll have to try that. Thanks, Mayra and Katie.