Monday, July 6, 2009

Oh, my gosh! Just a few more days until...

...until I leave for New York and the Highlights Foundation writer's conference at Chautauqua, New York.

My mind has been whirling for the last couple of weeks. I keep making mental lists, but because I don't make a physical list, my mind keeps buzzing with the same information over and over and over. Like, what should I wear? Do I have enough clothes, even (for 8 days)? What things do I need to take - bug spray, mini-fan (I've been told the weather is hot), cell phone charger, computer, etc.

What about my mentor? Will he like my story? What great suggestions is he going to make? I feel intimidated by the credentials he possesses. I meet with him two times, for an hour each time, during the week.

The conference center is large. Will I be able to get around okay? Will I meet people okay, or will I be shy? What does one say to people they've never met before. I'm sure that once I get there, these things will resolve themselves, but until then, I worry.

Then there are the break-out sessions: three sessions every afternoon. That's fifteen sessions right there! Did I choose the right ones?

I don't know what kind of meetings will having in the morning, and there are cultural events happening in the evening.

So it all sounds great, doesn't it? I plan on learning a lot, meeting some great folks, and having a wonderful experience. After all, for me, this seems like the experience of a lifetime, so I'm thrilled...and nervous!


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

As far as packing goes, the weather in upstate NY is cool in the morning, you need a sweater or sweatshirt and long pants, warm or hot in the afternoon and depending on the night, warm or a little cooler. The dew comes early too. So if you take a sweatshirt, light sweater, jeans, jogging pants, socks and warm pjs as well as ones for warmer nights, you'll be okay. Yes, bring the bugspray or that new thing from OFF that you can clip on.:)

Have fun!! I have thought so many times about going to this, but I never had the money. I'm so jealous and please tell all about it when you get back.:)

Donna McDine said...


Have a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Best wishes & safe travels,