Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet "Beyond Beautiful" author, Jan Bornstein

I’d like to welcome guest author, Jan Bornstein, to my blog today. While she was in college, she took a creative writing course, and her teacher assured her she should never think about being a writer. Of course, that didn’t deter her, and her new romance novel, “Beyond Beautiful,” is now available.

Jan, tell us a little more about yourself.

Jan: I’m the eldest of 3 sisters and a brother. I have 2 grown sons and 3 stepsons. Recently divorced I stay pretty busy with my full time job as a nurse and do book marketing and writing in between. I like to go to concerts, plays, art museums, and dinner with my friends. I like music, writing reading, shopping, walking on the beach and much more. I am currently working on a sequel to The Song Trilogy.

Katie: Can you give us an overview of your book, “Beyond Beautiful?”

Jan: It’s a story about two singers who meet at a charity event and have an instant connection.The only problem? He’s still married, and she’s involved with someone else.

Nonetheless, neither Jenna nor Scott can deny their feelings for one another.

Scott rushes to support her when her father suddenly has a massive heart attack and dies. This is the beginning of their story. Things are going very well for the two both professionally and personally when Jenna is in a horrible car accident that causes her to lose a baby that she had previously conceived with her former lover. As she starts to recover from her loss she begins to experience repeated nightmares that frighten her so badly. In his quest to find what these nightmares could mean, Scott uncovers some unbelievable secrets about her past that Jenna isn’t even aware happened. The two icons continue to build their lives while dealing with their both their past and present issues. Readers will see that celebrities don’t just live the glamorous live all the time. They have real issues just like everyone else. They deal with them as best as they can under more than trying circumstances but do show how to turn bad events into something positive.

Katie: You have chosen to write this as the anchor book for your “Beyond Beautiful” trilogy. Can you tell us what led you to write a trilogy?

Jan: It was originally only one book called The Beloved. My editor called me a few weeks into her working on it and told me there was too much material for one book. She said I had been able to make the storylines such that we could make three books and yet each one can stand-alone. So I not only had to change the name but come up with 2 others.

Katie: What can we look forward to in the next two books?

Jan: There will definitely be more love. You will see two marriages, a new addition, more betrayal, kidnapping, and murder. The two stars continue to deal with the challenges of their relationship. Jenna’s unconditional love for Scott will sorely be tested as he makes the worse mistake of his life. The ending will leave readers gasping.

Katie: Can you walk us through your process of writing the book, finishing, contract and current publication?

Jan: I developed my story with new ideas everyday as well as doing research for many areas. I used people and similar events from the past as well as the present. When it was finished a friend of mine saw a television show with an editor /publisher team talking about their self-publishing business. I obtained the name and phone number and made the call. After meeting with the editor and discussing so many issues she agreed to work with me.

During that time I researched publishing options. I chose to contract with the self-publishing part of the team. They obtained my copyright, ISBN, distributor and set up my website. Then the publication was done.

Katie: You are one of the lucky ones who are able to work on your book at home, without the hindrances of an outside-the-home job. How is that working for you?

Jan: I was lucky that at the time I was still married. I didn’t have to work full time so I was able to spend as much time as I wanted writing. There were nights when I would be up till 2 or 3 in the morning writing. A whole day could go by and I wouldn’t realize it. I did work part time so on those days I didn’t get much writing accomplished.

Now that I work full time I find it a lot more difficult to put in as much time as I’d like with my writing. It will take longer but it will get done.

Katie: Can you give us a “typical” writing day?

Jan: When I wasn’t working I would get my coffee and start writing in the morning. I always took time out to go walking because that gave me both exercise and even more ideas for the story. I would do the usual things like shopping, cleaning and anything else I needed or wanted to do. Once dinner was over whether it was at home or out, I would get back to my writing. It’s not uncommon to find me still up at 1 in the morning.

Katie: What kind of marketing and promotional plans do you have for your book?

Jan: Since it was my first time as author I had no idea what to expect so I hired a publicist. They helped me with some promotion and marketing. I quickly learned they don’t help as much as you are led to believe. If you can afford to keep them on indefinitely it would work out much better. I started out with a Book launching. I did a lot of research on marketing and promoting. I make calls and personally go to stores, libraries, newspapers and anywhere I can to market my books. There are many online sources all offering the marketing services as well. You have to research them and choose one you feel will give you the best help. I’ve received suggestions from other people that have been very helpful. New ideas and suggestions come up all the time. I try as many as I feel will help.

Katie: What three pieces of advice would you give to an aspiring romance writer?

Jan: First of all know what you want the readers to get from your story. You need to decide what publishing method you want and lastly find a real good editor.

Katie: I thank you, Jan, for being my guest today on my blog. Readers can purchase Jan’s book here:, and besides ordering from any bookstore. You may also visit her website here:


Donna McDine said...

Terrific interview. It was a pleasure getting to know Jan. I'm impressed how she learned to shift gears where work is concerned. Not that writing is not work. Best wishes for your continued success!

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Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Nice interview, Katie. I enjoyed reading about Jan's books and how she works.

Good luck to you, Jan, with your books.


writer11 said...

Thank you both for the great comments. Please check out my website as well.