Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trembling on the Precipice

Friday was the day. It was a great day. A sad day. A proud day. A very busy day. My daughter did it. She graduated from high school, and I'm as proud as proud can be.

I have to admit that I almost lost it when the familiar strains of Pomp and Circumstance played and the teachers began filing in, then the graduates. Those steps my daughter Ruth was taking weren't normal steps; indeed, no, they were the steps that launch her into her future, that take the clay that's been molded and shaped, and take on the glaze of a beautiful young woman.

It's the proverbial line in the sand. She crossed it, and now my days of direct parenting are over. She's headed for college in the fall (about 3 hours away), and I get choked up thinking about it. My baby. Yeah, I know that's pretty mushy, but hey! a mom's entitled.

August 25. That' when college classes begin, but her journey to college began a long, long time ago. I
always thought I would be able to handle it when my two girls left home, but found out I'm not as adept as I thought I was.

Last night, I thought about the times we've played together, laughed together, cried together. And I cried as I remembered all the different trials when we grew as family closer together. She'll come home sometimes, I know. But she'll have changed, and so will we, and we all know it is never the same. And, I don't want it to be, but doggone, I'm gonna miss her. A lot.

She's trembling on the precipice of young adulthood, and is going to fall straight into the arms of a new life, full of joy and excitement. So, I'm thrilled for her, and I know the time of tears shall pass and there will be new things to get excited about, new things to laugh about.

I love you, my dear daughter.


Unknown said...

I've been there, twice (three times, two graduations, twins), and it never gets easier.

Anita Davison said...

I was in hospital undergoing surgery when my firstborn went to college - so I had to say goodbye by letter and told him how proud we were of him. I have always expressed myself better on paper anyway - he's 27 now and owns his own flat - but he put that letter in his box of childhood memories he left at in our attic and won't let me throw it away. Ruth will keep your words to her too, somewhere.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Graduation is a touching time in the lives of our children and ourselves. Congratulatioins, proud Mama and daughter.


Barbara Ehrentreu said...

I went through two of these too and it is probably harder than saying goodbye on that first day of preschool when you have to put your child on the bus for the first time. Just remember that if you remember all the good times, she is also. Spend the rest of the time with her preparing her to go to school. Believe it or not, she'll need you much more than you think she will.

Yes, your days of direct parenting are pretty much over. She'll be having her own experiences and getting into her own messes and triumphs. But as I know, you never know when you will be needed. Your child may leave you, but your presence is always there for her.

Congratulations to your daughter and hope she has a great first year in college. Where is she going?