Monday, May 11, 2009

Sometimes, always and finally

As writers, we all have varying goals for our days. We might decide to spend the whole day reading emails and following blogs. Perhaps we have personal work that needs done, like house cleaning (sometimes) or paying the bills (always once a week).

But sometimes, glory be! we actually begin working on the edits of our books. I've been working on final edits (received from the publisher last week) for my book, "Guardian." Yes, I've cleared out emails. Yes, I've visited blogs. Yes, I've social networked.

But when it is all said and done, I get to the real goal of the day: work on my edits! Now, this can be a dreary task, especially if we're working on a novel that we've had in process for sometime. But, sometimes, working on the novel is great! Like now.

I feel the heady flush of excitement at the thought of the always editing phase turning into the really, for sure, for real, phase of never editing this book again. Publication date is always on my horizon, but today, the horizon is a little bit nearer and doggone, can't I see that finished book rising with the sun?

So never give up on those edits! Always face your day with renewed vim and vigor. And sometimes, you'll see that things will finally fall into place and you'll finally get to the finish line.


Lynn McMonigal said...

The editing is my least favortie part of the writing process! When i finish a book, I jsut want to leave it finished!!!! LOL

unwriter said...

Is a book ever really finished? I have one that may get close enough to send to a publisher (hah). But since most of my work goes into anthologies, I have to check each story. Let me rephrase that. I should check each story first. I don't do that enough, but I'll try to be better for my next anthology. Oh, it helps to check the index on nonfiction. I didn't and it was a real mess.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I enjoy my first one or two edits through a manuscript and after that it begins to feel like work!But, I agree, when there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the process is easier.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Anonymous said...

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Barbara Ehrentreu said...

I used to hate editing, but now I have revised so many different projects, even up to the point of sending it to a publisher, that it has gotten easier to do it. Whoever said that a writer is never satisfied with the writing is right. My ms was rejected, so it's back to editing again!! And I'm in the middle of a second novel that is in first draft now. I know it's going to need editing.

Great post, Katie and thanks for reminding me about this ceaseless job of all writers.:)

Morgan Mandel said...

I'm taking time out to visit a few blogs, then it's back to my edits tonight. 25 pages to go!

Morgan Mandel