Monday, May 25, 2009

Shake Off Those Heavy Bands!

Are you tired and don't seem to have enough energy to last you through the day? Is it Monday every day of the week? Well, this is YOUR day!

The trials of life come to us all, but our perspective on them determines how we deal with those stressors. It can come down to choice - how you choose to view them.

I've had my fair share of hard knocks, believe you me. I can either choose to let those things get me down, or I can lift up my eyes, know the future has to be better, and let go of those problems. There's this song in church whose chorus goes, "Shake off those heavy bands..." In the song, you're supposed to be standing and hold your hands up in the air, and literally shake them.

To be honest, I always felt really silly by doing it. But should we? Can doing something physical release us from the stressors of life like that? Sure it can! Runners run, releasing endorphins, and making the runner feel better. Endorphins, those pleasure guys in our brains, are released in all kinds of manners - even by standing and shaking your hands!

So, don't let Monday's get you down. Don't let hard times get you down. Get out there (or hide in your closet) and shake off those heavy bands! Yeah, really, physically. You'll be glad you did.


Jan Verhoeff said...

Mondays are normally a heavy day for me - but I've learned that I love writing on Monday. I absolutely adore WRITING through the Monday Blues. That's my source of strength and power on Mondays - I write.

I simply choose not to participate in the rush of crisis that come my way on Monday. In most cases when I wait until Tuesday, the crisis is gone and the job simply becomes a job. That's my kind of solution.

Try it - WRITE!

Jan Verhoeff said...

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orcalover said...

Stress is the number one killer of people. I decided a long time ago not to worry about that which I cannot change. For those around me and some on the net, I am totally silly. Why? Because my silliness gets a smile, a laugh. It is hard to be stressed when laughing. I'll do what it takes to get that smile.

Donna McDine said...

Smiling and exercising is key to relieving stress. Even extending a courteous hello to someone you pass in the store or on your walk is key to lightening ones mood.

Best wishes,