Monday, March 16, 2009

Excuses, excuses!

It's Monday morning, and I'm tired. I woke up tired. I brushed my teeth tired, and I'm going to drink my cup of joe tired. I could ascribe it to that mystical thing that Monday's always do, but to be honest, Mondays don't treat me any worse than say, Wednesday or Saturday.

My god, it's like a hangover! Whew, how do I get going? Should I even get going? Oh, I yearn for the warmth of my covers on a rainy day like today. I love to lie in bed and listen to the rain. Writing? What is that? Where's my joe? Can I mainline it? Moan...

Of course, I have a list a mile long to get done today. I have to remind myself that, for the most part, weekends are when I'm "off duty." Doesn't always work, 'cause there's the pull of the computer, and sometimes, I sneak some work in over the weekend, and it makes me feel productive, and like I've been sneaky.

Still haven't had that cup of joe, but I'm starting to get in the groove. My fingers aren't quite as stiff, my yawns are coming fewer and further between. I even made the bed! Gasp. The covers can no longer lure me away from my computer.

Oh, the coffee has finished brewing. So what about all those excuses I had listed? Well, they've all fallen by the wayside as I wake up and get ready to work. As writrs, we all have different excuses as to why we're not posting, or writing on our current projects. Still, like Monday, those excuses come and go, and by the end of the day, hopefully, we can look back and know we've met a lot of our goals and feel that warm flush of accomplishment.


unwriter said...

Actually I find by the end of the day I've found some really unique excuses not to do what I should do.

Good post

Donna McDine said...

Oh yes,,,the warm flush of accomplishment. We may make excuses, but getting over them is key.


Mayra Calvani said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your post! I soooooo can relate! Especially to waking up tired.

I've found that going to bed an hour or two earlier helps a bit.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Some days it's easier to push those excuses aside than others!

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Bob Sanchez said...

Oh yes, I know all those excuses and use them myself. The best thing you can do is set aside a specific time when you will do nothing but write, even if it's only a half hour.

Bob Sanchez