Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag! You're it!

Well, I've been scrabbled tagged by Helen Ginger. Since I didn't know what it was, I hopped right on over to Helen's site, and read all about it. This is what she said: "List at least five things you do to support and spread a love of the written word, then tag five people."

Okay, here goes.

1. I read like crazy. I get a lot of books from the library, but I also... books from local grocery stores and book stores.

3. I interview a guest author once a week on my blog.

4. I support writer friends by showing up for the signings at local bookstores.

5. I post on my blog, lending some humor to the writing process and life.

That's me. I'm going to tag five others:

Billie Johnson
Ann Parker
Angela Wilson
Chester Campbell
Morgan Mandel

1 comment:

Helen Ginger said...

What a wonderful way to support writer friends! I try to do that, too. It's not only fun for the author, it's fun for you (me) as well.