Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to make your blog relevant

I'm trying, during the month of January, to post every day on my blog. I come up against an immediate challenge: what is so doggone important that I have to take time out of my day (and yours if you're following me) to write about?

Certainly, my life is pretty basic: lots of computer work, following other people's blogs, hopefully doing some writing (I know, I know...everyday, right?), and trying to keep on top of the interviews I'm going to be doing on my blog.

So, are you with me in wondering what to post? There's the basics: I went to the doctor; my kids came for a visit, etc. Yawn.

How about something relevant, and sizzlin', something that sparks a bit in your reader's soul that says, "Yeah, I've been there, too." What is relevant? What strikes that chord? I believe we're all a part of the big life experience. And sharing a part of our soul, reaching into our own depths, we find that common thread that binds us all together. And that's what we write about, that is what gives depth and meaning to our blogs.


Jan Verhoeff said...

You're at least on the right track, Katie. I'd venture to add that besides writing about life, you might want to tie it into your purpose for blogging and involve your reader in the adventures you enjoy.

The projective purpose of writing a blog is to sell yourself to your readers. They need to know who you are and make a connection for when they buy your books. That's relevant.

elysabeth said...

Amen, Jan. Making the connection between author and book is very relevant. Katie's book will be out in May and by blogging most every day or as many days as she can, she will eventually build a readership. I'd like to see some postings tying her writing process into her life. The kinds of ups and downs she's experienced. So come on Katie, give us more relevance of you and your writing life.

It's hard to come up with something to blog about every day. I thought that I would do the once a month blog posting when I first started. Then I moved away to blogging when I felt the need to post something and now I'm kind of when there something good to blog about or an update on my books or series. Once you get into the right routine for you, everything will be relevant. See you in the postings - E :)

PS - my word verification is ballsing - lol lets blog about making a ball sing - lol - just a thought - E :)

Anonymous said...

Re: post per day

"sharing a part of our soul, reaching into our own depths, we find that common thread that binds us all together. And that's what we write about, that is what gives depth and meaning to our blogs."

You just said it. Now just do it. This post is a good start.

Morgan Mandel said...

After you've been blogging for a while, it comes natural when anything happens to think
I've got to blog about that!

Morgan Mandel

Beth Groundwater said...

Here's something relevant: tell us what you're working on these days in your writing life. Are you researching the next project, editing the last one, in the throes of a first draft, in a funk where the words just won't come, what?

Bob Sanchez said...

Yes, I can relate, Katie. We often see our own lives as boring, and the humdrum details are usually just that for all of us. But if that visit to the doctor gets you thinking—about illness, health costs, people, you can make it interesting. We might all have similar routines, but what about your reflections?

lucia said...

I've been reading your comments on a few other blogs, and so nice to finally reach yours. You have a lot of good advice. I waited to set up a website until just when my book was being published; next time I'll know. Look forward to reading more from you. Lucia