Friday, January 23, 2009

The biggest treasure of them all

What kid hasn't dreamed of recovering lost treasure? Well, there is treasure, and then there is Treasure. Capital "T." History is packed with stories, mostly of pirates, or sunken ships carrying vast wealth, individual stones, famous jewelry, etc. The best treasure stories are of real, honest-to-God, well-documented missing treasures.

That capital "T?" The Oak Island treasure is about as good as it gets. On a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia is an area known as the Money Pit. This pit is said to contain a great treasure. See, back in the late 1800s, strange comings and goings were sighted on this island. Locals decided such activities meant treasure was being buried there. Rumors abounded. Some thought it was pirate's treasure, some didn't know whose treasure it was, just that is was there. Some said it was the missing treasure of the Knight's Templar.

In "Guardian" (coming May, 2009) Drew, Mattie and Javon are headed to Oak Island to recover the treasure. Drew'd heard about the treasure all his life, and now, to fulfill his promise to his dying mother, he is going to recover it. Who cares that men have sunk millions of dollars into unsuccessful recovery efforts? Drew has the power and magic of destiny on his side.

All anyone knows of the treasure is that the deeper they dig, the more the elaborate construction of the shaft convinces them this is where treasure is buried. After digging from the top to about 15 feet down, the original searchers came across a barrier of oaken planks, filling the hole from side to side. Surely, the treasure was right beneath.

Turned out several layers of oaken planks were found, in increments of about 15 feet. Other treasure hunters dug deeper, but triggered a flood that would fill the whole shaft, making it impossible to dig any further until the waters receded. At one point, an inscribed stone was recovered from the pit. A professor translated it to say that the treasure was just a bit further down in the pit.

It was not to be. The flooding turned out to be the major hindrance to recovering the treasure. Different groups of treasure hunters tried various methods to plug the hole, but more holes were found. Eventually, it was discovered that the water was released from a complicated construct from the bay itself.

Today, literally millions of dollars have been spent by various groups of treasure seekers to try and unlock the secret of the Oak Island treasure. No one has figured out how to get to the treasure.

How will Drew, Mattie and Javon recover this treasure, when so many have tried and failed? Reading the book will tell you more...


Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Oh, I'm intrigued. Treasures are always interesting. Thanks for telling us about this one.


Anonymous said...

Got MY interest piqued!

elysabeth said...

See - now you are building up some buzz about Guardian. Before you know it, you will have folks wanting to get the book as soon as it comes off the shelves. I enjoyed this. I can really see now why it is called the "Money Pit". If there really was a treasure buried there, the folks who buried it were very smart and construed an almost unreachable hiding place. This reminds me of the movie "National Treasure" and I can kind of see a cross of that and something else (since you have some paranormal elements in your story, I think or maybe it's the fantasy)

I can't wait to see it published. Good luck - E ;)

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Tell me more! I don't want to wait until May!

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Deb Hockenberry said...

Hey Katie,
I want more! Do we have to wait until May?

Morgan Mandel said...

I have heard of real life treasure hunters, but don't know any personally.

Morgan Mandel