Friday, December 5, 2008

What publishers want when they accept your book

Whew! Creating buzz and setting up marketing plans for a new book can be exhausting. Frankly, I didn't realize what I was in for when my book was accepted for publication with a release date planned for summer, 2009. I though, yeah! And then, oh, you want a picture (call the photographer)? Oh, you need a synopsis (fortunately, had that)? Oh, you want a media kit (read Carolyn Howard-Johnson's book "The Frugal Book Promoter)? Oh, you want a blog (here it is)? Oh, you want a web site (working on it)? Oh, you want me to join social network groups (working on it)? Oh, you want me to set up a blog tour (collecting names and sites)? Oh, you want me to...

See, it's quite a whirlwind for this unsuspecting author. And of course, for every item that is needed, I have to do research on so that what I create is the most effective. I'm sure there are things required that I haven't even thought of yet.

Factor into all this that somewhere in there, I have to be working on the changes suggested by the editor. Fortunately, I don't have my manuscript back to do that with! Whew! Are you sweating yet? I sure am!


Jan Verhoeff said...


The marketing is a piece of cake (of course, written like a true marketer) once you figure out what you want to market and brand your strategy successful. Then again, there's the simple task of BRANDING yourself, as any good writer should. You have a knack for simple humor. Perhaps you'll want to sign your name with some stigma attached like Katie, simply humorous. Or perhaps you have another thought.

Lea's Muse Editor works well, for marketing my Marketing Guru pays dividends, but I haven't come up with a writer brand yet either. Jan the Adventurer just doesn't quite fit. LOL

Happy blogging,


elysabeth said...

Jan has a good idea - you have to brand yourself. I'm still trying to brand myself.

It is a lot more involved to being published than most authors realize. Unfortunately, even the big houses are requiring that their authors do most of the marketing themselves, out of their own pocket and almost everything. The large houses aren't even scheduling appearances any more; that is up to the author to do - therein a publicist comes in handy. It's an expense that is necessary but also a very time-consuming aspect of the publishing world that needs to be done. Once the first batch of info is done - you won't have to work as hard to get future books out there.

Web presence is a must nowadays since most everyone has access to the Internet and would rather get the things they are looking for from here. Hang in there, girl. We will get you through everything and you'll see that it will be worth it. I just got a bit of a tag for you to sell yourself and "Guardian" from your summary - how about something like - A bit of Harry Potter meets National Treasure (I'm working on it but it will help to have a direction to go) as far as presentations you can do.

See you in the postings - E :)

Kim Smith said...

LOL Katie! True words, girl. TRUE!