Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year's Resolution - or Revolution?

C-r-a-c-k. Is that the sound of ice breaking? Some of you snowed-in folks wish it were. But, this is the crack one hears from their own inner muse to get back on track, to keep churning out those words, to make blank pages full, and wax eloquent (but not long).

The holidays are (mostly) over. Not near as much preparation, at least in our family, goes into New Year's as goes into Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.

For those of you folks who are snowed-in, there is no excuse not to get back on track in your writing career. And like them, I have no excuse, either.

So, if you "hmmmm" in a yoga position, or sit at your computer screen, it's time to connect to your inner self, to that magical place where words and creativity meld together and create a fantastic story (or stories), whether long or short. We shouldn't confine the magic of the holiday season to reach only to our close friends and families, but let's climb into the sleigh, holler, "giddayup!" and go in search of the perfect words for our inspirations, our writings.

Guaranteed, at some point, the inner muse will take over. Perhaps it shall be inspired by a tidbit of information over Christmas dinner, or by the laughter of children playing games, or by almost anything else. EVERYTHING is fodder for our muse. Let's not stifle it by refusing to put a little BIC.

Le't go for the gold. One never knows what 2009 will bring, so let's bring to it our muse, and present ourselves to our computers (or writing pads, if you're still in the dark ages...or simply in the dark). Let's get the words out, and create a revolution that lasts through the years!

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