Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Multi-Published Author, Darcia Helle

I'm pleased to welcome Darcia Helle to my blog today. Darcía says she writes because, "My head gets cluttered with characters that demand their story be written."

A suspense author, she has written five novels: Enemies and Playmates, Hit List, No Justice, Beyond Salvation, and Miami Snow. Her sixth book, The Cutting Edge, will be out in late summer. Her books are available in trade paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and in ebook form through Smash Words and Kobo.

Here's a blurb from "Enemies and Playmates:"

When the abused decide to fight back, the abuser's world might just shatter.

Lauren Covington's family maintains a grand facade that belies the life they live behind closed doors. Alex Covington, Lauren's father, keeps a tight rein on his family through dominance, abuse, and obsessive control. Consequently, Lauren doesn't believe she could ever trust a man, much less fall in love with one.

When Lauren meets Jesse Ryder, her carefully constructed protective wall shatters. She falls hopelessly and completely in love. It's only fitting that Jesse is a private detective who had once worked for her father, had defied him, and was now the subject of Alex Covington's wrath.

Amidst devastating loss, betrayal, and her father's destructive pursuit of Jesse, Lauren finds the trust and love she had always longed for.

Darcía also writes a monthly nonfiction, crime-related newsletter called Guilty As Charged. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics, from the history of burning at the stake to modern-day serial killers.

She grew up in Massachusetts but has lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida since 2002. She is married and has two sons. An animal lover, Darcía has two very spoiled dogs and two equally spoiled cats.

You can find Darcia in the following places:
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Darcía Helle said...

Thanks for hosting me today, Katie.

Helena Harper said...

Darcia, the plot of Enemies and Playmates sounds intriguing. What gave you the idea for it? Sounds to me like it has all the hallmarks for an absorbing film! I, myself, wouldn't know where to start with such a story. Are the remaining books self-contained stories or are some of them sequels to Enemies or Playmates?


Anonymous said...

This plot sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

Karen Cioffi said...

The blurb is great. Darcia, your book sounds intriguing. And, you never know, Hallmark and such entities look for this type of book.

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great post ladies. I love to read a short blurb that gets my curiosity up. This one did just that.

Magdalena Ball said...

Nice to meet you Darcia :-). Thanks for sharing your excerpt - it sounds like a fast paced read.

Anonymous said...

You've devised a great plot.
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Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

After reading “Hit List,” I added all of Darcia’s books to my want-to-read list. Now I think I’ll move “Enemies and Playmates” to the top of the list!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Just as an aside, Darcia is a fine reviewer, too. She may get so popular that she'll have to say "no" more often than she'd like, but I love that she is passionate about even her reviews!
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Janet Ann Collins said...

Sounds like a good book.

Martha said...

Love the blurb. It sounds like a really good book.
Good luck

Accountant, Author & Freelance Writer said...

Wow...This sounds like a great book. It was nice to read more about your writing.

Dallas said...

"Enemies and Playmates" sounds like an un-put-downable read! :) I'm going to check out your websites Darcia!

Unknown said...

Darcia, thank you for sharing your "demanding" charactrres with us! Glad you give in and write their stories. Love the synopsis of your latest book. Sounds like a good read.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late. Darcia has the right stuff. Good stuff. What I like is her material is well researched, yet written in a way the common layperson like myself can understand and enjoy. Best wishes for your continued success.

Stephen Tremp

Darcía Helle said...

Thank you, everyone! I posted a comment here the other day but it doesn't seem to have shown up. I apologize. I wasn't ignoring everyone!

Helena, I'm honestly not sure where the plot came from. One day the two lead characters popped into my head and I simply followed them around. -- Makes me sound a little crazy, doesn't it? :))

No Justice and Beyond Salvation are the first two in what will be an ongoing series. The others all stand alone.

Thanks again for all the wonderful comments! And thank you, Katie, for hosting me.

Anonymous said...


Virginia S Grenier said...

Very interesting book. It's nice to learn a bit more about you and your writing.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to learn more about Darcia and her writing.