Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And in the Meantime...

I'm in the somewhat enviable position of simply waiting, as far as the publication of my book is concerned. It is back to the publisher for layout, then a few more changes, then voile! book.

I've tweeted until my beak is stuck, I've social networked to the point I have friends coming out the wazoo. I've blogged until I've been slogged. My media kit is a marvel of ingenious writing. I've even gotten a writing scholarship to a prestigious children's writers conference.

But what is there to do while I'm waiting for my book? Lots of good juicy things. See, there used to be this thing called "creative writing," also known as writing on your work-in-process. Remember that?

Aha, yes, I have a vague have a memory of that in the nethermost recesses of my brain. Yes, YES! I can be a writer again! Yippee!

So, I've pulled out several of my works-in-process, and have had to reread every single one of them to determine what happened, and where I left off.

But, in the meantime, I'm enjoying some down time. I've visited with my oldest daughter and my first grandson. I've gotten my hair washed, cut and style (that was fun). I've joined the local recreation department (it has a swimming pool) to work out any latent tendencies and to release those marvelous endorphins into my blood stream. It's much better than mega doses of coffee!

It's like I'm taking a mini-vacation, and golly gee willikers, has it been fun--and much needed. So, if you find yourself "in the meantime," break out some of those works-in-process and write like crazy. Also, give yourself permission to enjoy this little thing that's called life. You'll be glad you did, and so will your publisher.


Donna McDine said...

Hi Katie...terrific post and for the reminder to enjoy ones self. The pointer of checking over your works in process is a very good reminder. Congratulations on getting your ducks in row for your forthcoming release date. Thanks.

Best wishes,

orcalover said...

I agree with Donna. I have at least six books in various stages. I also write short stories. when I get bored or want a break, I bead.

N A Sharpe said...

Definitely need to give yourself permission for a little downtime to recharge the creative juices.

BTW, love the cover! When is the official release?

Nancy, from Just a Thought…